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Stormy Weather on wheels!

"Stormy" on wheels - see where sailing can lead you!

(Haul out, November 1997, Glenora, Prince Edward County - courtesy Department of Oceans and Fisheries, and thanks to Hastings Crane and Marine Haulage, Whitby)

Stormy Weather by John Maclay


and "Stormy Weather" as she is normally seen . . .
with more photos in our album . . .
and some of the drawings . . .

     The history of this famous ocean racer by Sparkman & Stephens can be read here


Fastnet 1993, Photo by John Maclay
Celestial Navigation
Tide Tables      Over the years we have developed simple, reliable software programs for use on just about any PC system at sea (or at home - print out the results for later use).
Try out a free download, or purchase on-line.
Anna Rosa

Betty Ann Anderson's marine watercolours are exhibited in galleries worldwide. Visit her "Owl in the Sun" Art Gallery to see and enjoy more . . .

The "Anna Rosa" (Norwegian coastal trader, 1894) and the "Saint Denis" (Steam tug, 1907) in the Dournenez Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

The Naval Marine Archive located in Picton in Prince Edward County is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the conservation of our maritime heritage, research and education.
Amateur Radio Sailors interested in Amateur Radio - and other communications at sea - will want to visit our "Maritime Mobile" page, a part of our Amateur Radio pages

International Collision Regulations     Online copy of the 1972 International Collision Regulations complete with annexes and notes.



The 'Bigler'
Cambria, 1870
Captain Oliver Hazard Perry and Perry part II
Captain and the Mermaids
Compass rose
Farewell To Nova Scotia
Halifax, 1941
Letter to the Owners
Proa, 1685
Miller Atlas
Nancy Bell
Seven masts
Shetland Yawl
Ships bell
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