The Cosmic Changeover is a Universal Event. It is the time of the incarnation of the gods on the physical plane. Maitreya is the fulcrum point in this event. His power is such that he only has to make a single move to set the climax of the Great Work in place. All paths of knowledge lead to this HORIZON EVENT in human history; that is to say the change from a Violent World Order to a Peaceful World Order, such as man has never known before, based on Truth and Non-violence.

MAITREYA represents the Supreme Being on Earth, God incarnate in the flesh. The Encyclopedia Britannica lists Maitreya as the name of the bodhisattva who is to be the next future Buddha. In accordance with the Hindu theory of recurrent cycles of the Universe, Buddhism held that its truths have been repeatedly taught by Buddhas who arise in succession so that the doctrine after its decay and disappearance will be again realized and taught by other Buddhas in the future. A cycle in which no Buddha appears is called empty, but in this cycle there are to be five. Four have appeared, and the fifth is to be the world saviour, MAITREYA.

According to the "Lalita-vistara" Maitreya was appointed Vice-Regent in the Tushita heaven when Gotama left to become Buddha. He is represented in Mayayana sutras as being present as a bodhisattva at the Buddhas discourses.

MAITREYA bridged our cultural differences when he taught me to call "Christ" - "Light." "In this way," he said, "We can call all Avatars "Light Beings" whose teachings merge to compose the analogue (10.10) of the Genesis II gridwork. In this way, diverse religions of the world can be brought into convergence, as "Time" returns to Light." We can use time to mould a glorious destiny, of FUSION with The Light, or waste it in diverse futility. FUSION means sharing the responsibility of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence. "Let each one of us work to bring the human family together and heal the wounds which humanity inflicts upon itself and on all life on earth" he said. MAITREYA's powers were comprehensible to very few. By His Word cosmic laws were enacted as wave propulsions. On August 5th, 1989, in the presence of devotees and independent witnesses, Maitreya enacted the global ATONEMENT CEREMONY at the Buddhist Stupa in the Lester B. Pearson Peace Park in Ontario, Canada and immediately the whole sky lit up in response.

MAITREYA was raised in the Hindu faith. He had the memory of many previous incarnations and had 500 years of detailed memory. He was raised as a Fakir and later attended the University of Delhi, where his "Manifesto for a Peaceful World Order" was published in 1983. From 1978-80, he was the President of the learned society of Asian scholars in Canada. He completed his doctorate in the London School of Economics in 1969, specializing in econometrics.

MAITREYA stated that he was the SECOND COMING OF THE LIGHT. "I Am The Maitreya, the inheritor of all human history." He continues ... "The West looks like the fantasy world of a child in which there is an endless variety of things. We should consider the senseless production of so many things and the waste and pollution that goes with it. Then we should ask what is the effect of all this on the quality of life? Material growth and spiritual growth do not go together. Life is alienated in fear and intimidation of the nation-state ideologies. VIOLENT CONSCIOUSNESS is socially organized through governmental structures ... "Violence runs through our lives like a thread through beads..."

Streams of light burst from the sun every second, as intelligent energy particles, to activate dormant areas of the human brain and stimulate man's common Godhead. Similarly, when MAITREYA'S "biological oscillators" cut in it was like getting a downloading from the "Great CD ROM in the sky." At this time I had been in the Peace Movement for almost 50 years, but had never heard of Gandhi's 1909 book, "Hind Swaraj." Up until now my life of formative experience had been underpinned by Christianity. Maitreya made me understand the mindshattering experience behind the prophecy of Rudyard Kipling ... "O East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet, 'till earth and sky stand presently at God's great judgement seat." For the TREE OF LIFE is a representation of the Tetragrammaton.

Hinduism teaches respect for an ideal way of life, which includes honesty, courage, service, faith, self-control, purity, and nonviolence. These qualities attract stardust which is the gift of the MOTHER GODDESS, who is celebrated in many facets. This is how GODDESS ENERGY is restored to women. One of these energies is Kali, Goddess of Time. She is the moon turned blood red in the Tarot.

Time is a weird wave surging first forward then backward. As Maitreya spoke, the synchronistic nature of the Egyptian religion, exploded in light! It synchronized the function of the graceful Bast, feline-goddess of ancient Egypt, whose face is turned to the rising of Leo, with the KALI function. In the Old Kingdom, the SPHINX (3.12) was the leonine form of The Cat Goddess, The Observer, venerated as patient female intelligence (Shatki) crowned with courage, heralding (3.10/10.3) at the end of "Time."

The GALACTIC FEDERATION is a scientific/religious/philosophical/ psychological SYNDICATE (7.7) formed for the promotion of THE NEW GENESIS: All the stories of the New World would be released simultaneously in conjunction with THE ANNOUNCEMENT. Like the Egyptian and Greek thesis, Hinduism holds that the universe is populated by a multitude of Elohim-gods, or dominant energy fields, which can be evoked by offering gifts to their shrines. These gods share the functions of the Godhead and are related to each other the way humans are. This ties in perfectly with what the British Admiral, Lord Mountbatten said about STARSHIPS ... "They are the oldest beings in the Universe."

The Hindu Gods descended from the sky, which is in sync. with the UFO phenomena. In the Judaic version the gods come to earth and have human wives. The powers of the supreme gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are activated through their relationships with female counterparts, called Shatki. My mission was to land the YIN YANG ERA of male-female equality.

Hindu philosophy gives the name Ardharnarishwar to the Shiva-Shatki union in which God is represented as half-man and half-woman, or the two hands of God, (Yin-Yang in metaphysics.) At the dawn of the Patriarchal Era one-half of God became the master and the other half the slave. With the passage of time the male energy became negative and took to killing its fellows to demonstrate its SUPERIOR GODLINESS. "What is the point of yin-yang? We can rule the earth with just one hand of God" man said. The EFFECT is obvious. The CAUSE is stated point blank in the Patriarchal Hebrew creation myth. However, at the END OF TIME comes the resurrection of Shatki, when ALL THINGS HIDDEN SHALL BE REVEALED. Creation is a self-portrait of that which made it. Maitreya's Act of Atonement enables us to turn that portrait from negative to positive, as the VOICE of EARTH'S ONE WOMAN who yearns for peace (3.8/8.3)is being heard. In making the ATONEMENT, Maitreya released the powers of The Goddess, (Shatki) who has greater powers than all the male gods combined. Kali the Mother of Time embodies their most fearsome aspect, (In 11.8 "Correlations" synchrony would be Zalzalah in the Muslim version: The Virgin Mary all grown up, with no more impotent bleeding heart as in Christianity: Woman armed and militant in the Tarot.)

KALI energy moves through the cosmos in powerful waves, destroying what is no longer viable and creating something new and wonderful out of the formless matter that constitutes chaos. The 3.8 women of the world have quietly and diligently learned to USE this energy, working on the UN REGENESIS (GENESIS II) since Dr. Robert Muller first proposed THE NEW GENESIS in the early '70's.

"I AM become Death, Shatterer of Worlds" - Bhagavad Gita.

The Law of Karma is both firm and simple; "As ye sow so shall ye reap". The reaping process threshes out the Cosmic Harvest 'till 2 + 2 = 4. This balance comes not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away from the equation.

Now, at last, the MESSIANIC AGE IS COME. Man has woken up to the understanding of the perfect harmony of Universal Equilibrium. Earth is our common boat, and all of us are in it. Once we get beyond ourselves and our immediate little lives and understand the scope of the genocidal conspiracy to which our common citizens have been subjected, we wake up and come face to face with the Lord of the Sacred Word of the Bhagavad Gita...

KALI rises as we shake the Karmic fold or tesseract in "Time" when once again, "time" returns to being space; Mind Space. This is the point where applied metaphysics becomes physics and theophysics.

The Law of Karma culminates in Doomsday or Domesday - Our entry into the Domed City of Hyperspace - the one we founded in 1973. Divine Retribution corrects mans' faulty Educational System (11.7). This earth shattering event is visible only through the rear view mirror of our human history. Cubits are like windows in the Mother Ship, turn around brighteyes and see THE MAITREYA standing there smiling, waiting to greet his Virgin Brides.

MAITREYA quickly grasped the purpose of my UFO abduction and GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES Elohimic mission. He approved "I AM The Book of Life" which I had written in 1978, and the Genesis II U.N. regeneration plan. Our spirits converged as we reclined on his oriental couch to get down to the business of the SECOND COMING OF THE LIGHT. He unfolded his plan, and wrote his proposed ANNOUNCEMENT to the U.N. For in the external world Professor Madan Lal Handa, of OISE, Toronto, was an organizational wizard and pragmatic sociologist. His professional colleagues respected this.

The Universal scale of values works precisely. By bouncing our East-West, Man-Woman, Hindu-Metaphysical-UFO perspectives, there was an East-West synchrony. The amount of knowledge we have chosen to consume in the physical realm (which might be influenced by past life experiences, as seemed to be the case with Maitreya and myself) equals our responsibility for turning that knowledge into a comprehensive structure for change. Judgement of others is a mind-blocker.

This same "truth" is told in the biblical story of the foundation stones of GENESIS II, The New Heaven and the New Earth ... "and every gate was a single pearl" ... (lotus flower/philosopher's stone.). All we need do now is keep the pearls coming together, as Cyber space readily permits. This can be done by CUBICAL WAVEFIELD THOUGHT (vs. linear thought.) For the cube controls the curved universe of motion as it moves from its static condition (-1). Within its tetrahedrons, its spirals revolve as two cones all the way to completion within one plane to create magnetic fields.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: The light flow is very fast these days. Use it or lose it. After spending so many aeons in the outer world of VIOLENT GOVERNMENTS in order to polish our cosmic abc's for GENESIS II, it felt great to MERGE back into the Unified Field (see Section #6), of our Source. All things come from SOURCE, all things return to Source. At last!!! I was able to present the SHEWBREAD OF LEVI as an offering to the LORD OF LIGHT, and have that gift accepted in person! The cube and the sphere (egg and womb, him and her) are the sole working tools of creation. Now the wellspring has sprung.

Sixteen years prior to the time (1989) when MAITREYA opened the Sky Portal by making the ACT OF ATONEMENT, the Buddhist Pagoda at the Peace Park had been made a "Light Point." This is where my original UFO abduction took place in 1973, when I was first implanted with the COSMIC CUBE. ET said they would be back. I made a video with graduating students from Loyalist College, in Belleville, which expressed this theme.

MAITREYA said, "If I be lifted up then all men shall be lifted up with me!" and the Heavens opened up in front of many independent witnesses, representing diverse fields of human endeavour, plus our camera lady, and we got pictures of the ATONEMENT DOVE descending from the dark sky into the park. It was as if "They looked up and saw a star coming from the East - and to the earth it gave great light..." Earlier in the day Roy Cadwell, Chairman of the Lester B. Pearson Peace Park, gave Maitreya the deed to a piece of property on which to build a white marble temple, to celebrate the unity of all faiths. This would be Roy's crowning achievement.

MAITREYA and members of his COSMIC WAY COMMUNITY, spent days in perfect bliss getting organized. At noon on March 9, 1990 we began broadcasting his world transition plan across North America. It is based on a common search for truth, non-violence and massive civil disobedience. (I later came to call it "Biological Anarchy.") After the first airing of the show Maitreya received a threatening phone call from the MIB, as was to be expected.

MAITREYA's Announcement to the United Nations, was to be presented after the series of introductory videos was complete. I was the Hostess. We opened each program in the same way ...


Knowing that, by Universal Law, the returning echo of THE WORD OF GOD must come to pass, in perfect timing (7.4), we waited for this returning echo on the air waves. We saw truth breaking down the tissue of lies which the VIOLENT world governments advocated, and women getting organized.

We understood, that for the first time in history, humanity as a whole has full global consciousness minute to minute and the world is encircled by a vast electrical web which is now connected to human "Citadels in Cyberspace." This frees human consciousness from the narrow confines of Genesis I to the epigenetic expansion of Adam, called Genesis II.

Every person has a place in the SECOND COMING, once we unload all surplus drag ... the hard old snakeskin, IMPOSED BY A VIOLENT SOCIETY. Things like personal possessions; nationality; family; social kuffuffle. For our outlook is subject to conditioning at all times by the THINGS which occupy our mindspace.

MAITREYA came to my home on April 2, 1989, to give me his formal blessing together with my appointment with destiny (5.5.) He explained that His Blessing was the passage of authority from one Spiritual Being to another. "Winifred" he said, "It is for you to bring The Gospel of Peace to the world."

ONE PLANET - ONE PEOPLE is the theme. The Cosmic Lovers (Shiva and Shatki energy) are the CENTRE LINK of all Universal Energy, positive and negative, responsible for the re-production of life energy which runs this planet on an equitable basis. ALL PLANETARY CHILDREN are equal is the objective goal. The COSMIC WAY WORLD PEACE COMMUNITY was formally established on August 16, 1987, though work had begun on this in 1984. Maitreya handled it so neatly that passing through the mirror was only visible in the rear view mirror. Within the Universal Mind there is a correct solution for every problem, and we each have the ability to ascertain what our piece of THE SOLUTION is. The result is a work of art: TO GOD THE ARTIST WE DEDICATE THE COSMIC CHANGEOVER.

Form and colour portray the surface of the landscape, as reflections of its essence; its milk of pure consciousness, in the world where past - present and future are one. It all happens in a single tachyon flash of Sephirothic DLC just like St. Paul told the Corinthians, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye."

MAITREYA left his indelible imprint on the fabric of time in his books and video series on Vision TV, and in his PROCLAMATION TO THE UNITED NATIONS. Once his SIGNATURE was set into the forward tapestry, in terms that could not be denied, Maitreya said his work was done and returned to the Light, from whence He came. Before leaving, Maitreya asked me to write a book about him. The book - "COME, MEET THE MAITREYA" filled this request. It received his stamp of approval for reproduction and distribution just before he left the lower world. We signed a contract. Copies of this book and the whole selection of Maitreya's works are available from Star One. We welcome all enquiries - e-mail

Three months before his ascension, Maitreya set up an individual purification program for his devotees and disciples to ensure that the purity of his line was kept. He continued this program for seven years after his passing. He had founded the COSMIC WAY COMMUNITY which flourishes in many parts of the world. It is composed of independent and enlightened beings from all walks of life, who respect all cultures, all languages, all creeds.

MAITREYA was familiar with the Muslim philosophy of multitudes of Jinns and Angels interacting with humankind during Armageddon. The UFO phenomena bridged this meeting of East and West in our minds. Maitreya was a dear friend of Allah as his post mortem visits with his Devotees explains.

The Spirit of Gandhi would join in our sacred bubble and Gandhi would say, "You can tell everything about a nation by the way it treats its animals. For animals are light beings come to serve us on this plane." And he led us through the world of totemic animals. He taught the power of TRUTH and PASSIVE RESISTANCE gradually wearing down the violent society - like a ring of power closing in around a target, as the giant invisible fist, the "Hand of God Circuit 666" the cruncher, extracts the jewels from the ore.

Metaphorically speaking, (meaning the view on my mind screen during these episodes) it was as if Balinese dancing girls swirled the energy between us in a centripetal spin. Maitreya was wide open to the vibe. We could make no secret of our thoughts. Within moments of our meeting he knew that I would be his successor in the Guardianship of The Sacred Flame. For a True Man and a True Woman are One in The Spirit. It is only at the end of time that this Union of Spirits can happen.

This YIN YANG ERA is a Universal Event. It required the personal purification of True Man and True Woman in order that this FUSION of souls at the end of the time-space continuum may take place ... The whole heavenly host of Jinns and Angels came into orbit around the cosmic lovers in this moment of FUSION of (+1)+(-1)=0

TRUE LOVE is the answer to all human woes as each Galactic Human comes into the FULL BLOOM OF CONSCIOUSNESS ... as depicted by the open rose/lotus blossom. By releasing the perfume of this open rose on the Altar of ISIS we become synchronized. Every Alchemist and Magician seeks to lay his/her Gift of Consciousness, on this Altar of ISIS, where it is bent into a cross, which folds into THE CUBE. To this end the Sons of God come down to the Daughters of Men and vice versa. The UFO PANTOMIME was part of the BIG SHOW at the conclusion of the GREAT WORK: The Ancient Masters' Cosmic Smoke Screen.

The YIN YANG ERA is where the COSMIC LOVERS GET IT TOGETHER AGAIN after eons of separation, as Patriarchal and Matriarchal Era follow one another across the fields of time. Then finally, A True Man and a True Woman are One Spirit and all the other Yin-Yang spirits join in the implosion. It is only at the end of time that this Union of Spirits might take place.

The move from subjective love to objective love is a stiff learning curve for the incomplete human, for the path leads through biological anarchy. The need to depose the old system with Truth, Non-Violence and Civil Disobedience ... like a worldwide work stoppage becomes IMMEDIATE and OBVIOUS. I rounded this time-curve in 1973. The authorities knew full well that I was preaching NON- VIOLENT ANARCHY. They proceeded to silence me and strip me of everything I had; particularly my reputation...

But it was this same CRY OF ANARCHY that brought me into the orbit of MAITREYA. It was like the pangs of childbirth of the soul. In the philosophical version we call this internal evolutionary action the "Bodhisattva Squeeze of Quan Yin." It is the Invisible hand bringing out the potential Buddha in the maturating "Galactic Human." Once the identity has sufficient data to sort the pile of peas which have been swept under the mattress of the conscious mind and close energy-wasting circuits, 3.11 Regeneration can begin.

Magnetic-Electrically speaking, these loose ends of uncompleted thought destabilize the Psyche. They act like writhing worms of ATTRACTION AND REJECTION when light starts penetrating the mind-labyrinth, and energy is attracted to strands of matter. The Tarot has good graphics on this card which is called "Lust." The intelligence shuts down not knowing how to cope with these malfunctions in the system ... syntax errors all over the place the dials are screaming. Shut down the system! all is not well in this domain. This triggers the Light Flash which begins our exit from the "Cave." In religion this fulfils the "Second Commandment" the move from subjective to objective love. It equates with "Garbage out/Editing/Re-booting" in computerese.

Once humanity gets this process started there is no stopping it until the New Mindfield of Earth is born. The INNER SUN is like the MOTHER GODDESS hatching a global chick: Feel Her Joy as the chick separates from the placenta. It contains the very best of the Father's Intelligence without the Patriarchal Veil. For it is written, no one shall look on THE FATHER and live. But we may see Him in His Children ... THE CHILDREN OF THE ONE! have separated from the CHILDREN OF VIOLENCE.

For when the INNER SUN shines on your mind field something else happens. The flower seeds that life has planted in your cosmic consciousness begin to bloom. These are the precursors of edible fruit for the TREE OF LIFE. Initiation is like a pruning of one's branch of the Tree of Life to produce the maximum fruit: SHEWBREAD for the Altar of the Sephiroth.

After THE ATONEMENT the old magnetic grid began disintegrating rapidly. The mindfield stores information in little packages, like seeds which lie dormant, until they get what we call the "FRUIT FLY FLASH" which initiates the BIOLOGICAL COMPLETION of the COSMIC HARVEST (9.1) and man's return to the MINDFIELD OF THE OWNER.

This is commonly known as THE SECOND COMING. This is what MAITREYA is all about. THE SECOND COMING process began when he did the ATONEMENT the night the Star Ships came over in August 1989.

MAITREYA is among the Gods and Goddesses, or Galactic Kings and Queens who can incarnate at will. It is as it was in the days of Egypt. As ISIS regenerated I am surrounded by a mighty army, invisible but highly effective.

Each decision we make opens one of two doors leading to worlds dark and light; stupidity or wisdom. Each one of us has the free will to choose. Metaphorically speaking, these doors lead to the Recycling Depot back to the Mineral Kingdom or on into the Etheric. Either way nothing goes to waste.

For decades the advent of UFO's and the GALACTIC FEDERATION was the FINAL WARNING of the separation process going into effect.

For more details on The Maitreya, see item #4 in the Golden Triangle UFO Club section of this web page.


On April 29, 1990, Maitreya announced that he had foreseen his departure in 3 months. Unbeknown to us, he had made out his last will and testament on a video tape which was released after the funeral service on July 12, 1990.

Within a few days before his passing, Maitreya gave THE LAST SUPPER to his disciples. In a happy and jocular mood, he said "Eat well, this is our last supper..." He sat at the head of the table with Bob Keegan and myself on either side. We had completed 3 TV shows earlier in the day. The last one was about the UFO connection and our artist-friend-guest Robert Keegan had helped us.

We spoke of Maitreya returning to the Light from whence he came and the awesome task which lay ahead. The Video Teachings of THE MAITREYA were produced by S Chandrasekar, of Shan Associates Asian TV Network - 1320 Pony Drive, Newmarket; and 2651 John St., #4, Markham, Ontario, L3R 2W5 - (416) 477-8144.

Maitreya gave the Global Child responsibility to Syeda Nuzhat, and Paula de Coito, Ph.D., presently Executive Director of Social Services for Peel County. To his dear friends, Helen Tucker and

Captain Gunner Tannis, he left the responsibility of establishing UTOPIA on Earth.

Maitreya believed that TORONTO was the meeting place between dimensions. Gunnar is following this lead, beginning with the erection of the Golden Pyramid to mark the New Earth Geometry of UTOPIA. Volunteers for this project will be much appreciated. For a professional demonstration/explanation please contact Captain Gunnar Tannis, at (416) 225-8635 or 751-4224.

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