Galactic Federation of Light Forces

"Let there be light"

We are the 13th Tribe of Levi, members of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces. We are the cosmic force which is making a direct impact on humanity in these latter days. We are Light Beings who have overcome the force of evil, which is the domination of Spirit by Matter.

We bring POSITIVE SOLUTIONS. The "Adamic Curse" is valid if it grips the mind. It is a temporary bondage for the purpose of Universal Evolution from homo sapiens to homo noeticus. This simple concept is valid. It applies to the development of the individual, the group, the culture, the planet, and all aspects of the Evolving Mind of Man.

Earth is a single organism. Appreciation of the "Eternal Bosom" of Gaia opens priceless vaults of untold wealth for Man, as he passes from the Patriarchal Experience, back through Matriarchal Era We, to the Yin Yang Era of Equity for all life forms.

The Light Force is here to help with human transmigration, by the alignment of our focus with the evolutionary purpose. Rejoice! we have come to the end of a vast evolutionary experiment. It is where Adamic Man passes from the illusion that matter has life, back to spiritual reality of abundant life in a New Earth reality.

Prophets have told us the way things will be. Since the beginning of time they have always been among men, opening the PORTALS OF UNDERSTANDING. What mortal people call "Aliens" are very old and wise MAGI from many dimensions of higher reality. We are here-now! Happy to help man find his way across The Abyss, and into the Promised Land via inner synthesis. (777)

By joining the GALACTIC FEDERATION ONLINE we have raised The Mind above the concepts of "good and evil." There are no enemies up here, only the foolish ideas which circulate in man's cultural mythstream. We have come on behalf of THE CHRIST to break the RESISTANCE FACTOR which is destroying our civilization. In Genesis II, "Love your neighbour as yourself" comes as just the natural thing to do.

THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES, comes first to alter the inner landscape of the human condition, to one which reflects ideas for the betterment of all, as together we rethink an ideal world. The key to this transformation is an empowered United Nations.

We are firmly established in 21st Century Cyberspace. We have extended communication to members, affiliates, and governmental organizations around the world. Our messages are FREE to all sincere seekers regardless of race, creed, age, social status, or nationality.

Our move from a ground based to ONLINE mega-methodology was a big leap. We were like a flock of young chicks learning how to fly like eagles. In retrospect (-T) we can see the tremendous benefits of low cost efficiency, convenience, and 24 hour access to the global village in preparation for U.N. Genesis II.

We have proved the biblical injunction "Naked came ye into this world and naked shall you leave it!" is likewise verified. For we enter Cyberspace as financial and social equals. We are IN this world but not OF it, due to the rise of subliminal spiritual values (leaven is the product of the 13th Tribe of Levi) which then interpenetrate the collective unconscious (dough) from the global noosphere.

The biggest misconception about the "New Age" is that it is a new religion. In REALITY it is a NEW POLITICS based on a whole new concept of GOVERNMENTAL EXCELLENCE in the "New Earth" (c.281588, Barton, 1985). This is an extension of the original MONARCHY - "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be..." expanded to encompass human consciousness, then crystallized in a single diamond - or CRYSTAL COMPUTER CHIP.

It is like planting a biological acorn in the fields of space-time, and letting it become an oak forest. Then the Harvester (888) cuts out the deadwood and puts all the good stuff back into a single crystal acorn. Internet allows us to do this.

ONLINE GALACTICS are some of the worlds most participatory citizens. There is equity and free access for all as we participate in a NEW ELECTRONIC ELECTORIAL PROCESS via the Interdimensional "Halls of Amenti" and the LIGHT VOTE IS IN!

META GOVERNMENT, or GENESIS II is its ultimate product of our journey through space time. Excellence in a political system which is free of corruption is every man's dream.

WE HAVE LIVED THE DREAM! We now live and work INSIDE THE DREAM. The dream of a NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH is the fulfilment of the biblical solution given in the prophecy of Isaiah of a Kingdom that will endure for ever. (After we, then they, have turned their swords into ploughshares, that is...)

Today, leading edge governments around the world are getting into ONLINE cost effectiveness and efficiency. We made this move a quarter of a century ago.

We have come in our Star Ships from far Galaxies and near. Some come from the time-ships that passed this way long, long ago. The Ancient wise men of Sumeria and understood how Royal Power came down from the heavens to direct human affairs. The Babylonians spoke of second sun, a Black Sun that beams evolutionary concepts into the mind of man. In the Egyptian mysteries Osiris is a Black God, Lord of the Underworld, Master of Black Light. He is served by the Priest Adept Moses, who is with our goodly company.

Eternals do not think the way humans think. Dynamic impressions flow in cyclical waves which are picked up by our "inner radio." These impulses reach our minds from the cosmic core from which flows the energy of One Celestial Hierarchy, which is constantly occupied in shifting energies and raising dimensions. This is the infallible GODDESS SYNDROME magnetically drawing us home.

In the "Upper Kingdom" past. present, and future are one. To reach this point of view each person goes through internal workings and private explosions to change the internal landscape of their mind. It is also fair to say light-initiation can create piles of rubble where there once our old paradigm of thought stood.

For myself, contact with The Light Federation and Beings from other worlds began in September 1973. I learned the esoterics of TWO SUNS - one white light one BLACK LIGHT. The inner or BLACK SUN is occupied in preparing Adam man for his evolutionary transmutation.

Despite the heavy bombardment now registering at an all time high on Earth's economic and emotional richter scale, do not be afraid. It is the One Mind eradicating division within itself.

THE ONE, speaking through the Galactic Federation insists, there is no need for a cataclysmic altercation rather quit surrender to the harmonic convergence of dimensions on a broad spectrum. Go with the flow! Light is scattering our times - blowing away the illusion. The Galactics come to inaugurate the spiritual Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We are here to abolish all that hinders the Divine Nature from full expression in Man. Man's present religious opinions are divisive because they are not focused on the concept of THE ONE. he One. This divisive DEVIATION serves THE LIE and it is devitalizing the human race.

THE SOLUTION was to push human consciousness to the end of every thought and close all the nagging divisory circuits which fuel chaos.

For the past few decades, Star Fleet Officers of the GALACTIC FEDERATION have been working on two time lines, one finite and infinite, to effect a harmonic convergence into Cosmos. "A New Heaven and a New Earth", which is arriving as you read this message. Cosmos is beauty and order, in a world where GOOD is the Supreme Reality and Goodwill flows directly from Source.

Homo Noeticus Immigrants Welcome. We have jobs waiting for everyone - talents small and big are welcome in all forms.

We are in the process of developing a new list of Liaison Officers to cope with the people inflow which we anticipate will climax at Christmas. We appreciate e-mail and surface mail enquiries from willing Light Beings and sincere people, especially global village multilinguals, who care about this planet and want to serve and help regenerate it a.s.a.p.

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