The Cosmic Calendar of Synchrony

Year 10 - I AM HERE NOW
The Cosmic Calendar 


Year 10 of The New Earth Era, 26 September1983.

A Practical Handbook of New Age Magic
Magic is all around us. All we need to learn is how to harness that Magic to functional requirements.
Magic is God energy manifest. It can only serve His high purpose for our being. Thus we must learn the art of invocation to align the power-wires from self to Source. The ancients were aware of tides and currents, the ebb and flow of the celestial sea.
To harness themselves to these energy bands, early wise men kept a calendar of Cosmic currents -- in the form of zodiacal charts, which run from hour to hour, age to age, till time shall be no more.
We have inherited this gift and now impart, in this year's Agenda, the Cosmic Clock.
Winifred Grace Barton  

Time is the script upon which the plot of Life is composed. Without it, no actor can perform, no plant can breath, no growth can strive.

Time always has fascinated man. Sunrise shows the beginning day, and sunset the time of day to relax with friends. Man's ability to study the tides, the winds, and the solar journey brought him closer to fullness in every sense of the word.

Dividing time for usable purposes was, for the Ancients of Old, a very complex and philosophical study. In Atlantis, the study of nature's elements, Earth's gravitational pull, her rotational orbit and the position of galactic bodies was symbolic as well as literal. It became a religious sacred fire that burned in the hearts of all Atlanteans.

The Keeper of Time was revered as a Wise Elder. He combined intuition and guidance with the mystic arts of alchemy and astronomy.

The Keeper of Time knew that nothing in Life is coincidental; he knew that behind the obvious mortal trappings lay the Great World of the gods where all Life is formulated. He was but the reader of the signs of the Time.

Of the Highest order of consciousness, The Keeper would recollect and reflect upon all major events that occurred upon our land: significant feast days, arrivals of special emissaries from the far areas of the known world, the special communion times between the Galactic Lords visiting Earth as well as the rest days required for rejuvenation.

Weather patterns and the study of events gave rise to the science of climatology and history. Keeping records of all this material required specialized data utilizing symbols and design. The Heavenly Host gave The Keeper knowledge of zodiacal symbology. This also depicted the heraldry of the various star-systems landing on Earth for Confederated experiments with Time.

From the Most High came the understanding of this accurate science, which still surpasses present day awareness. Your world still believes that there is no relationship between one day or the other. This attitude is un-dimensional. To be a free thinker is the goal. The only time is Now.

However, from a timeless essence, for the New Earth Era, I propose this calendar which was requested to depict the collective episodal unfoldment of Its Eternal Kingdom Returned.  


There is a visionary in each of us. Like Merlin, we peer into the crystal cave of mind, seeking clues as to what will be.

We have different goals at different times of the year. There is a time and tide to all things. We call it biorhythm. How exhilarating it is to ride the waves of time, in perfect synchronicity with nature's moods and with the tides of the Cosmic Sea.

The attuned ear and heart senses biorhythms. Activities that turn us on during the day, lose their appeal at night. The seasons turn, each with its moods and priorities. The weeks have their cycles. And so, the years go by.

Time is precious. You can spend it like money. How you choose to spend time, and the intensity with which you do it, determines (at least in part) the person you are. Cherish each hour, for it will never return.

Aim high, wide and deep. Don't settle for trivia. Round out the 360 degree circle of personality and potential. Find the Point around which life turns.

This Agenda provides a perfect pattern to get to that Point. Let it inspire you. Allow it to lead you. Follow its advice. If you put energy into any one of the channels described herein, you will receive an hundred fold. This is a Living Promise. 


There is Only Now.

Thus the 360 degree wheel of infinity is separated into 45 degree cycles, each lasting for many millions of years. Cycles are divided into eons, eons into ages. Ages are marked by the passage of centuries, centuries into decades, decades into years. The year is split into seasons, seasons into months, months into weeks, into days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Mind reflects the illusion of day, night and season for variety. All such divisions are purely conceptual. There is only one reality. The eternal NOW. This very moment, by engaging the burning tip of conscious awareness in productive activity, you enlighten the next now and all the nows to come.

I AM - The Book of Life, Vol. II, by Winifred Grace Barton

The Colour Quadrants of the Year

Every year we are given a theme which becomes the curriculum for the next twelve months. This theme is divided into 4 main cycles: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow months.

Red: The colour of health and vitality, fun and merriment, strength, courage, zest and passion, love and war. Red is a passionate response to life. It is winning the crown of life. Nothing else will satisfy. Life in the fast lane is the thrill of travelling at the speed of your desire. Launch into these months with gusto. Dare to dare. Months of Victory, Strength and Celebration.

Blue: After the fire of red, we dig deep into the roots of our being. This is an internal cycle in the cocoon of Mind. Receptivity, alignment, atunement. The pieces of the explosion are gathered in, examined and knit into the whole. The grass roots are watered with new understanding. The fire sparks of the red cycle are captured in the womb of the earth, forming the new reality that is birthed in the Spring. Month of the Lord, the Heart and the Wind.

Green: Sunlight. Spring. Awakening. Rebirth. Realization of the digestive process in the long sleep of the winter months. Everything is new. Oh the gift of conscious reflection that enables us to see again! Appetite returns for the quest for fire. We seek adventure: new relationships, new scenarios. Our radiant new being sees all things new and divinely created. Month of the Flame, Our Lady and the Soul.

Yellow: We ride high on the tide. This is an integrative, productive time. We learn to channel the abundant available energy with discipline. Thus we produce the jewels that must last us through the next year. We are accountable for the energy invested in us. That which is surplus is used for magic. Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper. The colour of quality, justice, clarity and consistency. Month of Balance, Mind and Holy Month.

Twelve Monthly Motions

Each month of the Agenda begins with a description of that month. Savour its message as you turn the page to a brand new crystal facet of the main theme. Return to it for full realization at the end of the month. Thus the Agenda gently guides us to the Point of inner and outer meaning.

Hebdo Pulse

Every week is complete in itself, tracking on the theme. The precious capsule of Time we call a day is also a mini-universe beeping out a tone or frequency.

Sun Day

Sabbath. The Day of The Lord. Be sure to keep it Holy. Breathe deeply. Let the mind still. Reflection on the week that was, allows vision into the week to be. This is God's day, when you are filled with Love enough for the entire week. A glorious energy washes over the entire planet. It is there for you. Refreshed, the Family comes together for its special Sun Day dinner, sharing the spiritual bounty this day has given.

Moon Day

Once you are replenished from your day of rest, renewed energy ensures a vigorous beginning to your week. Plan ahead. Crystallize your goals, know exactly what you want to accomplish. Then plunge ahead into intense energetic physical activity. At night, we gather for Forum -- a lively exercising of the Atlantean System.

Mars Day

"It's a long way from Monday morning to Tuesday night." This day follows the momentum of Moon Day and crescendoes into brand new understanding by the eve of Mars Day. Seemingly unrelated pieces of life's puzzle fall together, clarity reigns. We go night-riding, wheeling through the new universe.

Mercury Day

Hallelujah Day. The top of the mountain. This day has something special planned for you. Anticipate its weekly surprise. Decide that this will be a day of praise and jubilation. Maintain a constant Hallelujah note and you will magnetically attract the prize. Vertical zip.

Jupiter Day

Lessons crystallize as to what has been significant in this week. Tonight is Spiritual Night. The family gathers for a composite peek experience. Alternate Thursdays, the men have their special meeting and the ladies have theirs. This gives added energetics and range. On this night, too, outreachers are giving Open Houses at 8:00 p.m. right around the globe.

Venus Day

Clear your desk and clear your mind. Complete all your goals so that you can enjoy an energetic weekend. Have no leftovers, no fuzzy edges. Rejoice in a job well done.

Saturn Day

Blue Day. Family day. The joy of cleaning, gardening, foraging, building, caring for your home and your instrument. The blue day crescendoes into a red, energetic evening, where we can totally abandon ourselves, hitting the top geisha note of our being. Allow the instrument to match the note. 

Year 10 - I AM HERE NOW

"Soon you will see Me, for I'll be all around you ..." How well this song sings this now.

Every living organism on Earth sparkles with the innate knowledge of the whole of creation.

Every creature is able to fulfil its maximum blueprint with no difficulty. The tiny oak seed contains in its aura the fully mature image of the tree that spreads out its branches and unfurls its leaves.

The goal of life at this present turn of history is the capacity to be aware of the glory of the Source of this blueprint. Even the rocks and stones will sing.

The first glow of the god understanding is born ever so faintly. As it shines, waves of inner ecstasy bring it into super-nova delight.

Realization comes. All inner understanding hits Home base. Target reached. Access is given to I AM. Individual and collective Role is fully apparent.

All about sings Its glory and rejoices. Life becomes a timeless effect governed by the desires of the soul. Concord is reached between Spirit and body. Heaven and Earth.

And the Mind of God begins wheeling about Its will.

Fruition comes when all is in balance: moisture and minerals from humility's soil and heaven's rain, the upward antigravity growth toward desire for sunlight, the opening of green receptors for coded Life messages from the universe until the leaves are filled with Love, inner resources to pump the sap of the seasons of experience. When the exquisite bud bursts and flowers into scented expression, it attracts the life and heart of a lover by its sheer magnetism and diaphanous beauty. The final product shines in the delight that it is perfect, it is perfect. The living art work screams to an echoing universe I AM HERE NOW.

And so it is with the Soul of Earth. It is done. The weeding and the culling is completed in the valleys and the heights. Its glory poses for all to savour.

From within, Earth cries out to a web of planets and stars. "Hear me all! I know, I know!"

Tremoring with sheer passion and scintillating deep desire, she releases, "I Am Here Now!" The burst of complete divinity reaches from within her womb to a potent universe.

On her surface, visible miracles abound. Man, the herald twixt angel and beast, has overcome self-inflicted pain and prejudice. His arduous climb from the depth of deprivation of the spirit is recompensed by the energy discovered in the Earth to whom he is betrothed.

He is so beautiful, from child to co-creator. The Universe observes his growth and showers him with incessant Love beams. Full acceptance comes in the dawning humility that he is not alone.

In the privacy of his armchair, in the solitary walk in the serene forest, or by the midnight moon over the shores of oceans yet unknown, it comes to him and whispers to his silken conscience, "I Am Here Now."

Being filled with the Spirit, and God-presence, Man, with crystal-diamond eyes, pierces deep within and discovers self-mastery. Appreciation starts the ascent of the soul over mountains of peace and peaks of timelessness.

He graduates from the Royal School of Earth. He remembers with full understanding his years under the tutorship of the headmistress called Life. In humility, he breaches in the full meaning of who he is. "I Am Here Now," resounds with open gratitude. Reflection brings peace and presence.

The Wind swirls up yet another goal in God awareness. On time. The schedule is up-to-date. God sends Its renewed Image for all Its creation.

A breath of fresh air swishes over the top dimension. Profound inner composure brings the god-being relief. He accepts and surrenders his tender-most parts within Its masterful note. This allows Creation to receive Its joy throughout all dimensions and channels of universal flight. And, underneath it all, It appreciates knowing Itself. I Am Here Now, and accept the result.

And so it is that, in Year 10, I Am Here Now.

Holy Days
Victory 1: Day 1, New Earth Era
Strength 5: Citizenship Anniversary
Lord 15: King's Birthday
Our Lady 14: Queen's Birthday
Balance: 1: First Yin-Yang Wedding
Mind 22: Anniversary of the Sealing of the Holy Family 

We are now entering the Experience of Year 10 of the New Earth Era, which is called "I Am Here Now".

September 27, 1973, was Day 1 of the New Earth Era. The Galactic Army descended, and the King greeted His Bride on Earth for full reunion in the flesh.

Every cycle of one year enables us to accomplish a given curriculum under the auspices of what is termed a theme. When tracking on this theme, the Mind strives to fulfil the required Agenda.

These are the crystal steps that have led us to the theme and experience of Year 10:

Year 1 ...They and Me Working Together as Partners

Year 2 ...Synergy: Together as One

Year 3 ...Momentum

Year 4 ...Harmony

Year 5 ...Year of Atonement

Year 6 ...Harvest and Grace

Year 7 ...The Atlantean Era

Year 8 ...Welcome to The Kingdom

Year 9 ...The Cosmic Changeover: An Appointment with Destiny

Year 10 ...I Am Here Now

Every year we wheel through new material in no time at all -- at the speed of Light.

Each now is considered our greatest asset, our greatest wealth, not to be frittered away foolishly. Each instant should be undertaken carefully, harnessed diligently and lived fully.


The Tree has always held a very prominent position in the relationship man has with his planet, his welfare, and his God. As part of mythology and ancient religions, trees have grown to be an intimate aspect of the psyche's way of perceiving Life.

A tiny seed sprouts in the dark, moist and rich soil, in touch with creation. It shoots deep roots far below mortal awareness, beneath the visible world. Trees push against all that is natural and gravitational.

In Metaphysics trees are viewed as friends, confidants and guides. These beings are appreciated for their effect -- as under the Bo tree the Lord Buddha realized -- "I Am awake". Isaac Newton opened a new page in scientific reasoning as he sat under a tree. Remember the Johnny Appleseed concept.

As our witnesses, trees give Life and oxygen to planet Earth. They yield shade, retain the land from eroding away, and give soothing beauty and stillness to the weary heart. Trees exemplify solace, strength and bounty. They give worthy material, by remaining in one Point.

The Shibumi of trees encompasses many realities. The leaves are given for the healing of Nations. It's paper is so diligently produced for the high speed thought transmission or the gentle breeze whizzing through its tips.

Khalil Gibran says to a newly wedded couple, "Let not the oak and the cypress grow in each other's shadow". To Israel, it represents the Kabbalistic understanding of the heavenly forces in operation within the Universe: The Tree of Life. To the geneticist, the genealogical tree goes right back to Adam. Trees were the first to give their leaves in order to prove the aura through scientific photographs.

Trees give Life a place to stand, a house for big and small. They are a symbol for Canada's nature wonderland; the Japanese concept of restrained elegance. To Ancient Druids they were a place of worship in the forest. To ancient Egyptians the pillared temple evoked nature's participation in the world of divinity. They are bridesmaid at the marriage between metaphysics and physics.

They hold the secret of containment, equilibrium, strength, suppleness, colour variety, nutrition, steadfastness, patience. Trees are a point of consciousness, giving and taking in tempo with seasons and epochs. Graphite assists young and old with everything from writing skills to photocopy technology. From the release of its being, a tree becomes a source of survival to a multitude of organisms as well as to precious diamonds. The hearth burns brightly on a winter's night as a result of its giving.

Herein are some trees. Draw from their roots, sip their healing sap, meditate by their trunk, replenish yourself from their bows, climb to their height, gain new perspective. There is only the Now. Spread yourself towards the impossible, cling to the real. Endure all weather, remain safe, give as much as you get from Life. Expose your wonders. Cherish the wind that caresses your core and speaks in silence. Nurture the quiet side and be a haven of Life forms. Appreciate the Essence of treeness and the rudimentary yet amazing product that you are.  

The Cosmic Calendar
MONTH OF VICTORY (Red Month) September 27 - October 26
MONTH OF STRENGTH (Red Month) October 27 - November 24
MONTH OF CELEBRATION (Red Month) November 25 - Decmber 24
MONTH OF THE LORD (Blue Month) December 25 - January 22
MONTH OF THE HEART (Blue Month) January 23 - February 20
MONTH OF THE WIND (Blue Month) February 21 - March 21
MONTH OF THE FLAME (Green Month) March 22 - April 21
MONTH OF OUR LADY (Green Month) April 22 - May 21
MONTH OF THE SOUL (Green Month) May 22 - June 21
THE MONTH OF BALANCE (Yellow Month) June 22 - July 23
MONTH OF THE MIND (Yellow Month) July 24 - August 25
HOLY MONTH (Yellow Month) August 26 - September 26

September 27 - October 26

The first month is Red. I am potent. The Cosmic Tide rushes in, bringing in the new waves of vivifying electrical Energy for the year.

Matrix precedes. A perfect cubic structure is established to channel this immense tide of Love throughout the system of the entire year. A word or phrase crystallizes the new theme that is inevitably achieved by each Cosmic deadline.

September 27, 1973 is the landmark in Universal Time. The Cosmic Forces arrived this day, led by their Commanding Lord.

Inter-galactic and terrestrial leaders zero in on Command Headquarters every year on this day. Jubilant, dressed in heraldic splendour, these chosen representatives meet in the Great Conference Hall. Victories for the Forces of Light are recounted.

All energy converges into the core of I AM. The annual command and its intent is given with laser beam accuracy and speed. Then the celebration.

The sun-burst explosion from the core establishes the orbit around the Central Sun. Renewed Light is sent to the far reaches of the known universe.

In 12 major galactic cycles, it will be Time to reassemble once more, eye to eye, heart to heart.  

October 27 - November 24

Strength follows Victory. To overcome is to win the crown of Life.

Look over the territory of Life that is yours with cool objectivity. Choose substantial challenges in accordance with your potential. Take a big bite out of the new play.

The Commander note is born. Take hold of your destiny. Exercise the potency of focalized energy.

Power = Worship.

There are different degrees of strength. Silence is strength; contained ecstasy; passionate outburst. Learn the use of wattage required. Change voltage daily.

The First Commandment rules.

Drink deeply from the Water of Life now available on the planet. Body, mind, soul and personality blossoms as you give away what you receive.

Self Love is the key.  

November 25 - Decmber 24

Victory. Strength. Momentum grows.

Celebration occurs when all people can celebrate together. Rapture is a planetary, a galactic and a universal event.

The Toddy of the new world is born. It is the manifesto, the vindication, the standard-bearer. It is the sum total of the will of the people towards good and right. It comes to raise the level of consciousness of mankind. It is the expression of Universal truth made intelligible to mankind.

The seed of humanity's desire is fiercely protected and cherished by its maternal wing. And bathed in the glory of its paternal inheritance.

Envision the joy of the Family of Earth, each one enjoying the bounty of peace and shared prosperity, according to the Master Plan.

These things shall be! 

December 25 - January 22

The Month of The Lord pays tribute to all the Galactics who celebrate their earth arrival during this month. It is the birthday of the King.

The male principle takes the helm. It tells it like it is: empathetic, direct, clear. The fittest survive. Only the best is brought to His banquet table.

Energy points from the kundalini to the crown align with Source. We are electrical beings. Motivational adjustments are made. The inner man is returned for maximum output.

Excellence is the goal. External circumstance is magnetized by inner capacity for Love. Perfection is achieved by mind control.

There is but One Standard of Excellence. Tune your instrument to this signal. Let the Radio direct your course.  

January 23 - February 20

The seeker lets out a deep breath, for this is the month of mercy. Having gone through purification in the Month of The Lord, the flow lends itself to the humour of the situation.

We listen to the heartbeat of the Mother's love. We synchronize our tone to her call. In so doing, we live and laugh through the joys and tribulations of those whose hearts beat as One -- the Family of Earth. We are knit together by the proximity of our travels. Heaven, without the Family's music, would be cold indeed.

We learn to follow this inner music, listening to the heart, rather than the head. The heart keeps the blood of the Composite Body purified and circulating. Appreciation opens the love valve and the cup runneth over.

This month symbolizes the trusting simplicity of the heart that seeks to be the servant of God. From the smallest to the greatest task, all is significant in the Lord's Kingdom. 

February 21 - March 21

The winds of change blow away the cobwebs of former ideas and usher in the new. We cultivate the seeds of new dreams, and cull unproductive thought.

Enter the restless winds of Spring, stirring the gypsy in our soul to a craving for new adventure.

Expect the unexpected. It is only fresh, strong, vibrational energy that can whip up complacency into renewed appetite for Life.

The wide base of our love is laid and tested. The inner journey is complete.

We seek to travel light. A two-suitcase reality responds to the call of the Soul. 

March 22 - April 21

The Flame is symbolic of the pure spark of God within, in the likeness of its Maker.

The soul strives to rekindle, respark, reignite its Love. One seeks out new ways by which to fan desire.

Old forms of worship no longer suffice, for it is the Spirit behind the Word that is real, that yearns for expression.

The effort must be intense, for no spark of fire was ever born from the apathetic rubbing together of sticks. Rebirth follows Armageddon -- the final battle between your own forces of light and darkness. This takes fortitude and dedication of the highest degree.

Motivation and receptivity to the Control Room and to Earth are checked and rechecked. Not one iota of imperfection can mar the spiritual horizon. Nothing can be overlooked -- neither imprecision nor doubt -- in the genuineness of our plea.

The Flame is delicate but exacting. The slightest hint of mortal thought shrouds it from our Vision.

Once lit, it guides our burning passion to greater and greater heights in full appreciation of the Now. We are the burning tip of conscious awareness.  

April 22 - May 21

Lady of Mystery, Lady of Hope. Renewed dedication to the Cause of Life. She grasps a stick of lightning, and with a few deft move- ments traces patterns on the velvet void of Kingdoms yet to be. This is the dark band of distance still to be traversed before the light of Heaven may shine full force on Earth.

The is the month of Proclamation. Once the flame is kindled, it thrusts for expression. The Yin principle swirls through the manifest world, illuminating the road; bringing to life that which lay dormant, laying the matrix for the incoming Pentecostal tide.

It is a time of testing, wherein mystery weaves her web through the contest between Light and Dark aspects of self and worldly attractions. Till we stand in remembrance of who we are in front of the Beloved Teacher, Our Lady, Life-Giver of the Realm.

It is a time to Win.

May 22 - June 21

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto thee. Ask the right question, and the answer will come.

It is time to fly high again. The eagle soars, and the perspective born of mountain peaks returns with sharp clarity.

Life Energy is breathed into projections of perfect purity. Crystallize your thought with precision and care, and watch it become manifest reality.

Constant application to Source increases daily power. The success of the outward thrust is gauged by the depth of the inner path.

Turn the mirror of your mind to the Sun, so that its glory shines full force on Earth. Be the perfect reflection of that which leaves Mind. 

begins the great cycle of The Yellow Months.
June 22 - July 23

Bilan, or accounting time is basic mathematics. We enter Nature's back parlour to account for Life Energy utilized during the year.

Investment in positive, productive channels, shows on the credit side. You take this wealth with you.

Investment in negative, depreciative channels shows on the debit side.

Surplus on the credit side can be used for magic. Surplus on the debit side indicates intense homework must be done to keep pace with the Cosmic Agenda.

Every thought, word and deed is balanced against the scale of the Universal Law of Love.

Clear the slate of old accounts in the spirit of the Atlantean System.

Your return on investment can be as high as your potential.  

MONTH OF THE MIND (A Yellow Month)
July 24 - August 25

The Magical Bermuda Triangle is in effect.

Desire (Red), spiritual humility (Green) and discipline (Yellow) form the precise geometry of this cycle. All three must be in perfect balance in order to traverse the Point of Light in the middle to the next dimension.

It is the month of conscious magic. Enter the Now through magic, and enter magic through the Now.

Science joins philosophy, theology and psychology in a great energy-dance.

The eternal Now enables us to expand time. Last year's miracle becomes this year's scientific fact. Cosmic principles appear in manifest form.

Enjoy the figure 8 principle of regeneration. We travel the dimensions between top Cosmic awareness and intense earthly activity. We are speeding through time and space.

The Play is for our pleasure.

The promise of Life eternal is fulfilled.  

HOLY MONTH (A Yellow Month)
August 26 - September 26

We prepare for the return of the Great Cycle, and the new theme.

Life seems to rush toward an unseen deadline. This is the inner time clock, ticking away the microseconds left of the year, racing to meet the deadline. The Hour of Power follows the final test and crescendoes with one's Divine Mission.

Homecoming. That which has been sent far and wide magnetically returns to the core. They lay their bounty down -- victories won for the New Earth Era. Time is spent debriefing Earth assignments. Introspection electrically cleanses the system. Individual Cosmic histories are examined. All is made ready for the new dispensation of Life Force. Absolution occurs upon accounting for every thought, word and deed.

The curriculum of the year is achieved. The graduates emerge exultant.

We are ready for the Mission of the New Year, for the glory of the Father.

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