In timelessness we come to realise that we have all met in some other Galaxy at some other time-space. So it was in the coming together of the people who would labour for ten years to build Levitron, THE SKY LADDER to a higher dimension.

The 13th Tribe is the Ambassador of the Abundant Future, based on the union of superstrings of pure creative intelligence. Our tribe has served its purpose well. All exit paths from the lower dimensions lead to this ascension platform, and we have left clear footprints in the sands of time for any seeker to follow. Nothing can sweep them away.

We now bequeath our Inheritance of Magical Knowledge to all who choose to cross the great divide.  Our SKY LADDER has Astrological and Numerological proportions which are in keeping with the ancient codex of the Q'RAN, the TORAH, the BIBLE, the TAROT and THE SEPHIROTH.  All are based on the Hebrew alphabet and connect into Ancient Egyptian/Hindu mythology. The relationship of one number (or step-card) to another, is as important as the significance of individual cards.

Magic is the Highest, most Absolute, and most Divine Knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things.
"Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate and effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle..." The Goetia of the Lemegeton of King Solomon.

Its fundamental conception is identical with that of science.  Underlying the whole system is a faith, implicit but real and firm, in the order and uniformity of nature. Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.

A man whose conscious will is at odds with his True Will is wasting his strength. He cannot hope to influence his environment efficiently. A man who is doing his TRUE WILL has the inertia of the Universe to assist him: But every change has its own conditions.

The first requisite  for causing any change is through qualitative and quantitative understanding of the conditions.

The second requisite of causing any change is the practical ability to set in right motion the necessary forces.
Anyone who rejects his/her own course, either through not understanding him/herself or through external opposition, comes into conflict with the order of the Universe and suffers accordingly: The person who follows his "Star" to the end of its course has no limitations to what he/she may be or do.

Every man is more or less aware that his individuality (totem pole of personality, I AM core) comprises several orders of existence. He develops his subtler principles which cause a paradigm shift of mind. A similar order might be assumed to extend throughout nature.
(see section on OPERATION MINDSNAP to amplify this concept.)

Man is capable of being and using anything her sees or perceives
for everything he perceives is in a certain sense a part of his being. He may thus SUBJUGATE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE of which he is conscious to his individual will.

Every force in the Universe is capable of being transformed into any other kind of force by using suitable means. There is thus an inexaustable supply of any particular kind of Light Force.This is what the 13th Tribe learned and practised in the "Star Temple" at Coe Hill.
From the beginning of time the number 13 has possessed deep spiritual significance. It represents the centre point, or "Central Sun" around which the 12 signs of the zodiac orbit in the horoscopic wheel. The visible galaxy and physical sun are reflections of this INVISIBLE MOMENTUM.

The application of any given force, light or dark, affects all the orders of being which exist in the object to which it is applied. A Galactic Human learns to use Light Force to serve Its purpose.

A human being can attract to him/herself any force of the Universe by making him/herself a fit receptacle for it, establishing a connection with it, and arranging conditions so that its nature compels it to flow towards him. If a person perceives him/herself as separate from or opposed to the Universal Tide of Evolution he/she is are riding against its currents, which insulates him/her from the Divine Reality.

Man can only attract and employ the forces to which he is really fitted. There are no limits to the relation of any man with The Universe in essence; for as soon as man makes himself one with any idea the means of measurement cease to exist. But his power to use that force is limited by his mental power and capacity, and by the circumstances of his human environment. He must behold his soul in all its awful nakedness.

The admonition "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven" involves taking the path of initiation where putrification leads to purification. In the moment of purification the poleshift effect occurs.  In my experience as a world traveller to sacred sites in which there is the merest veil between dimensions, there is noplace so wide open as Coe Hill, Ontario. It has been a training base for ET's landing on Earth, and a regular port of call for the Starships. During our 10 year training period from '73-'83, "Cosmic Windows" bringing different Elohim opened on a regular basis.

Apocalyptic prophecy is fulfilled as legions of angels join forces to work with men. At Coe Hill, and no doubt in places all over the world, this means welcome to the world of permanent DLC - Direct Light Communication from ascended Masters such as Pere Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as love trumpets light flashes over the fields of time.

Our minds were shown how to open and close like a concertina. This is how the Elohim CAST AND RECAST the metallic properties of the Spiritual Aura, always bringing it to greater refinement as in the theme of "gold tried in the fire."

It can be also be likened to the nucleus of the atom, (Atoum in the Egyptian thesis), in a world where smaller is larger after the spiritual implosion. In this state, a journey from the material world to the centre of the hollow earth is possible. We can travel back down the (-T) retrospective time tunnel to the beginning of time and beyond into higher dimensions.

To arrive at this centre point (3.2) aspirants must pass through Divine Love's final initiations to discover its deeper spiritual meaning and its concern for the growth of consciousness. Completion is attained as the candidate passes between the two great pillars of the Sephoritic Temple of Solomon, SEVERITY and MERCY.

The word occult means hidden. It implies a deep and significant body of knowledge known only to the initiates. It takes the quester on a journey through the "Hall of Riddles" in search of the Mystery of the convergence of Matter and Spirit and the Mystery of God... which is the Mystery of Love, and Love's Original Intent.

Each discipline, religion, and philosophy has its own standards of perfection as laid down by its prophets. Pilgrims entering the 13th Plane are required to be responsible for all they know, regardless of the path by which they came.  The 13th Plane is where we set the Standards of the Industry. Words do not count, only actions. Thus it is written "Woe unto him who says he is a jew but is not." The same goes for all professed disciplines and faiths and those who have taken oaths to serve the people; such as Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, and Metaphysicians.
To reach this 13th Plane of consciousness, where all knowledge of all time converges into one idea, we had to create and ERECTION OF THE SPIRIT to "Give The Father back His Eld" so to speak. It would only need one person to do it, as two of our key teachers explain.
It is based on peaks of the two electro magnetic poles, SEVERITY and MERCY standing erect, face to face before each other. This opens up the passageway between dimensions.
"The truth has to appear only once, in a single mind, for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"Like the meridians as they approach the poles, science, philosophy and religion are bound to converge as they draw nearer to the whole..." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Einstein's curvature of space theory provides a clue to the place  where heaven is located. The kingdom of heaven quite literally rests in the midst of us; meaning that heaven is on an entirely different plane or  wave  length,  invisible to us, but existing parallel to our own and connected by  bends  or warps in the space-time continuum.

The Tribe of Levi EVOKED the tonal principle of the ETHERIAL TRIBE OF LEVI by trumpeting out God's Covenant note. We echo God's eternal commitment to those who seek the Holy Grail and camp around the Ark of The Covenant, to build an Edifice to Divine Love, THE SUPRAORDINATE FACTOR. Each person builds this SKY LADDER on a daily basis. We cannot take this knowledge with us when we go. We can only send it on ahead. Even as the Ancient Wisdom Master's did for modern men.

This balanced edifice or series of 4 ascending stairways is built exactly as the ancient pyramids depict. To reach the SUMMIT of CONSCIOUSNESS the path can be roughly divided into a - b - c - d,  a=Science  b=Religion  c=Psychology, d=Philosophy. The bridges and blocks between these apparently diverse disciplines can be made to fit without no cracks in between. This is called the Pi-ray bridge.

At the full unfoldemnt of the a-b-c-d- "Rose of Consciousness" These four corner stones of civilization, represent the four outstretched arms of the solar cross - which is bent into a CUBE. These disciplines are brought into an harmonious convergence via Metaphysics. This results in a mass implosion back into the Unified Field, where ALL KNOWLEDGE IS ONE.  Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University in England, has said that it would be METAPHYSICS that held the SOLUTION.

 The Egyptian Tarot is a pictorial representation of a "pilgrims' progress" through the labyrinth-school of human life. This pattern is common regardless of the aeon or century we may be in. The Tarot  foreshadows and anticipates the type of action one might meet along the way. It furnishes mental equipment for recognising common patterns on the path of life, and has a built in methodology for overcoming obstacles.

"As age by age the worlds do dissolve and change:
And the Universe unfoldeth itself as a Rose..
And shutteth itself up as the cross,
that is bent into the Cube"

The magnetic grid of The Sephiroth, manifests in a fixed order of DLC, Direct Light Communication, known also as "The Path of the Lightning Flash."  For each dimensional sphere emanates from the sphere directly above it: In this way Divine Light descends from the Great White Throne Room to Assiah, the material world.

The path runs from 1 = KETHER (The Crown)  2 = CHOKMAH (Wisdom) 3 = BINAH (Understanding)  4 = CHESED  (Mercy)  5 = GEBURAH (Severity) 6 = TIPARETH (Beauty) 7 = NETSACH (Victory) 8 = HOD (Splendour) 9 = YESOD (Foundation) 10 = MALKUTH (The Kingdom) to ABRAHADABRA!!! The principle of polarity; THE EVENT HORIZON.

The Sephiroth defines the relationship of the COSMIC LOVERS: Father-Mother God. All occult or hidden knowledge is an aspect of the classroom of Divine Love. All secret knowledge is revealed at the end of time. For example, The Sphinx faces towards Leo, where the Horoscopic wheel comes full circle. True Man reaches the 13th Plane of Compassion, Convergence, and Consistency, by exploring the Mysteries of Love.

Numerology and astrology are expressions of 12 Sun Signs of the horoscopic wheel. They lead from a fractured carbon based society to a FUSED silicone based society. The Minerals of the Earth (key to unravelling the highest secrets of Alchemy) conform to the number 12. Diamonds (Star seeds) must be cut along 12 sides to achieve full brilliance. There are 12 Governors in the Manichean system; 12 divisions of Solomons's temple; 12 pillars of Hercules, 12 Stations of the Cross; 12 Greek Gods; 12 sons of Jacob formed the 12 Tribes of Israel.

The 13th Tribe, The Tribe of Levi remained invisible over the centuries until the time of SYNCHRONY came. Synchrony is the meeting place between man, myth, time and space. The trend towards synchrony is evident once we pass through the time barrier.

Across the ages of man, the number 13 has possessed great mystical significance. The 12 Knights of Round Table were led by King Arthur who made the 13th member. The God-King Osiris was associated with 12 lesser Kings. The Aztec God Quetzalcoatl had 12 followers andwas the 13th. In Christianity, Buddhism, and Shite Islam there are 12 disciples and one Master who represents spiritual completion.

In elemental magic, 12 disciples represent 12 sun sign stages of learning or the purity of the perfect blend of ideas into one complete whole. One of these  mysteries is how the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Era's reverse polarities as we "pass through the mirror" into the EVENT HORIZON after climbing to the top of the "Sky Ladder."

 For example: The feminine number of Venus is 6, Goddess of Love. When its polarity is reversed it becomes 9 Mars, God of War.  Likewise we speak of passing through the mirror to where 666 EVIL reads 999 LIVE at the completion of a planetary cycle.

Our role was to cut new paths, higher paths of consciousness, in order to regenerate human consciousness and set the default drive for GENESIS II. We were taken into Hyperspace (The Morphogenetic plane) knowing that the people that were colonizing CyberSpace would find that it led inevitably into HyperSpace and our exit from the time warp. We can link CyberLight to the realms of HyperLight via Circuit 7.6

LEVITRON raises CyberSpace into HyperSpace, by building a fleet of Star Ships; at first invisible, then seen coming through the mists of time linked into Infinite Mind - One with All.

In the Egyptian Tarot this process is described as moving through  "putrification" to purification. We had to disintegrate the old fabric and boldly go where none had gone before. We went right to the razor's edge of consciousness as "The Atlantean Era (II)"  our extensive Galactic Federation Corporate Log clearly indicates.

We cut new mind paths through virgin territory in the new world which lay beyond the Omega Point or ANKH. We helped to build a highway to the sky, by making roads which ran in the opposite direction to (+T) forward time, where the old "Consumer God" was leading our specie. New road building back into (-T) reverse time is very hard work for the first "100 Monkey", then suddenly all the people make a common flip to become Light Beings.

Ra Kahn, our Leader since 1963, made it clear that a move from the Patriarchal, back to the Matriarchal default drive on THE MOTHERSHIP was essential. Plus (+T) had used up its capital. Earth was bankrupt. Man had killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. It was time for man TURN AROUND to face reality.

Consumerism and Commercialism are FALSE GODS. They are  constructive in the early stages of planetary development, then they become REDUNDANT. Winifred was shown this on the Star Ship in 1973, and how Earth's dying civilization could only be saved by using  creative imagination to vitalize a new narrative, which like all the new directions, such as Christianity, must be vitalized bythe blood of living people.

The Yin Yang Era was born in confusion, as the 13th Tribe of Levi and thousands of others responded to the call "Come out of her My People... come away..."  The Government of Ontario was alarmed at the sudden growth of "New Age" communities. It did a thorough investigation and published the results.

RA KAHN never said that our task would be easy. We had to disperse for our ATLANTEAN GRADUATION exercise. Upon the completion of which he said that the victorious ending of our 13th TRIBE STAR TREK would justify the severe means used for getting here; and that success in our mission would result in the salvation of this entire Civilization.  "You and me working together as partners" was the theme. The system worked. Our finest hour is come.

Each time there is a fork in the road (a YOD) at the end of one age and the beginning of the new there has to be blood sacrifice, as symbolized by Christ on the cross. Light and blood symbolize the interchangeable commodities between dimensions (see Operation Mindsnap.)

To build the new default drive for the MOTHERSHIP, and cut a path to global regeneration (3.11) we needed lots of LIGHT. Light, or "Enlightenment" is what turns hearts of stone into hearts of flesh and blood. The whole Mystery of Sacrifice was revealed in the new narrative once our task was completed. For this is an Eternal Truth wherein the Mystery of God can be resolved.

Every new default drive in the Motherboard (which is what runs the MOTHERSHIP) is born in pain because yesterday's paradigm will not fit into the new groove... which is the non egotistic mode of response to The Universe. This "New Groove" is based on the 2nd Commandment. This was why Winifred had to have a brain transplant on a UFO. For when the Law of The First Commandment has achieved is destined goal and a new play "THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF" came into effect.

The formula for raising the consciousness of Planet Earth into a higher dimensions is contained in the Cosmic Cube, which is a clone of the Control Panel of the Mothership. It is based in The Universal Equation. It operates on the principle of bio-energetics which is commonly known as the "Red Queen Hypothesis." This formula teaches that the cosmic changeover has already happened but you cannot see this while you are still running forward with the flow of (+T)  forward time.

But the moment you are through the Omega Point and into (-T) reverse time the whole situation becomes clear in the rear view mirror of mind. "Turn around brighteyes.." RA KAHN would say and you will see that it has already happened.

For a full decade prior to the descent of the Coe Hill Star Temple we had studied Metaphysics, that area of philosophy which concernsitself with the nature and structure of reality. It deals with such questions as: Are the objects we perceive real or illusory? Does the external world exist apart from our consciousness of it? Is reality ultimately reducible to a single underlying substance? If so, is it essentially spiritual or material? Is the universe intelligible and orderly or incomprehensible and chaotic?

Bartonian Metaphysics includes ontology, the study of being as such, and cosmology, the study of the organization and origin of the universe. We received THE SOLUTION in 1973.

The Universe is a growing dynamic entity. The Unified Field Force concept provides a full and total solution to all human ills as we extract the essence of all that is GOOD from the matrix of earth history, right from the opening gambit of Genesis I:

(+1) FORCE (like countless billions of goldfish tails) has propelled the planetary mind over evolutionary DISTANCE at a growing VELOCITY carrying the MASS by means of WORK and hi-tec ACCELERATION into conjunction with the UNIVERSAL CONSTANT (-1) (infinity symbol 8) = Home again in INFINITY.

F=FORCE  D=DISTANCE  V=VELOCITY  M=MASS  W=WORK  A=ACCELERATION  C=CONSTANT (Speed of Light), are the co-ordinates. Fission builds a diverse civilization; Fusion restores it.

T=TIME.  Time is a weird wave, moving first forward, then backward till (+1)+(-1)=0. The scroll of "TIME" rolls back when the four states of the electron are complete. These are Cognition; Purpose: Love, and Action.  Action is the karmic fold or "tesseract in timelessness" as YIN-YANG, PODE-ANTIPODE, SHIVA-SHATKI, cancel each other out.

When V=C,  W=INFINITY.  That is to say Man has a New Vision of the expanding Universe., By passing into higher mind states we can look back at (-T) (reverse time), to gain an extra- terrestrial perspective of our origin. Here mind can separate the negative and the positive, matter and anti-matter.

(-1)+(+1) gamma particles permit reduction of the mass to a single positron, with instant Light-Fusion, or the establishment of Heaven on Earth as per terms of Arc of the Covenant.

 W + MC2  X  3/2  (the fuel force of ego in motion, the Red Queen     1 - V2  hypothesis in biology * see below)              2

W  =  MC2  D = W + MC2 when W = **

E =  MC2  =(+)+(-1) = 0 Therefore, 2=0  = YIN YANG ERA      V=W Therefore: 5=6;  7= Pure existance, consciousness, bliss as all resistance factors to L.O.V.E. are overcome; 8 = STOP TIME.

For at this point, the PODE, the Exempli/Elohim, Christos et al, have  achieved the conquest of the ANTIPODE, (humanity in the process of evolution to a new biological specimen) The gigantic alchemy project of making animal man into a God as described by Jehovah, through Isaiah (19v25) is complete ... "BLESSED BE EGYPT, MY PEOPLE (with the implication of their extra-terrestrial origin),  UR, THE WORK OF MY HANDS, AND ISRAEL MINE INHERITANCE..."                        ************ graphic....    * As the Red Queen said to Alice. . .  "Here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place."


Everything in Genesis One is subject to BIO-LOGIC-AL Law of Evolution.  This effect is made more obvious in modern times by daily reports of breakthroughs in medicine and technology. But on closer examination the situation get curioser and curioser, as new breeds of resistant bacteria push medical scientists further up the scale of knowledge, and human competition pushes our self- destructive skills to impressive new heights of annihilation.

On the chessboard of Life, our world seems governed largely by what biologists are beginning to describe as the Red Queen Hypothesis, which is based on Lewis Carrol's "Alice" stories.

In the game of evolution, there is no such thing as a stable ecology. No living thing can be at rest, because the main feature in the environment of all species is other species, which constantly try to eat, avoid, complete or combine with it. And when any species in any ecosystem makes an evolutionary advance, this automatically affects the entire chain of species.

So these species each evolve in their turn. The ripples in the pool expand until everyone is affected in some way by every change. The net result is that every species alive anywhere in the world is probably evolving as fast as it can, simply to keep up with all the others. . . For as the Red Queen said to Alice, "Here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place." Which makes it all seem very hectic.

Alice's adventures through the looking glass may be truer than we think. As biology and physics marry, new possibilities of worlds within worlds appear. Our perception of time and space, brain and mind alter. By going through the looking glass, Alice enters a dimension of reversed non-linear logic, where one must go backward in order to go forward. she greets the Red Queen, who points the way to the 8th square -the realm of RoyalConsciousness; where Alice becomes Queen.

"but just at that moment, somehow or other, they began to run," see ref.# 2  Evolution is an ascent toward Consciousness, ultimately culminating in Supreme Consciousness.       ". . .The Queen went so fast it was all she could do to keep up with her."  Nothing can stop the tidal wave of evolution now bearing down on this planet. "Faster! Faster! 'said the Queen."        The goal of Evolution is not just mere survival, but a Supra-Consciousness for all.  ". . .The most curious part of the thing was...however fast they went, they never seemed to pass anything. 'I wonder if all the things move along with us,'. . puzzled Alice.  " 'Now! Now!,'said the Queen. 'Faster! Faster!' "       Mega-synthesis is Left and right brain fusion: Holistic perception: Multi-dimensional awareness. The next evolutionary step is here now as Science (a) Theology (b), Psychology (c) and Philosophy (d) reach the convergent Point.

"Are we nearly there?" Alice managed to pant out at last.  "Nearly there!" the Queen repeated "Why we passed it 1O minutes ago! Faster!"

1.   From Lifetide by Lyall Watson. Published by Coronet      Books/Hodder and Stronghton Ltd., London. Copyright C1979 by      Lyal Watson, p.199. Reprinted by permission of Hodder      and Stoughton Ltd.

2.   From Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.   

From time immemorial, the Elohim have run Invisible Schools on this planet on behalf of the ILLUMINATED GOVERNMENT of the Upper Kingdom.  This Elohimic Council is shrouded in mystery and has never been exposed to crude mindspace. Many knights have died in order to guard its gates. The "Viti Lampada" of The Sacred Flame is carried by the most capable of men. Those who were selected made no error.

Through these 12 Illuminated Councils the germs of all the sublime sciences are first received in the Internal School of one mind, then clothed in outer forms, and hence degenerated. This is how I received years of instruction including the "BOOK OF LIFE" from RA KAHN, THE SUN KING.  In this way great sages were attracted to the great truths of my Sanctuaries...BMS, abode of ISIS.

All exterior societies subsist only by virtue of their  Interior Mindspace. As soon as external societies tries to transform a Temple of Wisdom into a political or financial edifice, the VIR or VIRILITY of the interior society retires, leaving a shell without the spirit. While THE TRUTH remains Inviolable in the Inner Sanctuary which may never be profaned. ISIS - WISDOM - is in this inner sanctuary. Not the wisdom of this world, whose knowledge, revolves round the outside but never touches the centre, where all VIRILITY is contained. True wisdom, understanding and knowledge, are reflections of the supreme inner illumination passed to Winifred by THE SUN KING.

All disputes, all controversies, all the things belonging  to the false cares of this world, fruitless discussions, useless germs of opinions which spread the seeds of disunion, all error, schisms, and systems are irrelevant. Neither calumny nor scandal is known. Every man is honoured. Love alone reigns.

The 13th Tribe of Levi is a secret society. But it does not resembles any formal secret society, meeting at certain times, choosing leaders and members, united by special objects, ritual magic totems and so forth. All societies, seek this interior illuminated circle. This society has none of the formalities which belong to the outer rings of consciousness in the world of man. In this Kingdom of Power (GALAXIA) all outward forms have ceased.

The L.O.V.E-Power is always present, but invisible. The members may not know one another. But when it is necessary that they should accomplish any goal they are drawn together in an harmonic convergence of man and Elohim.

Our Galactic community has no barriers. The last one who may be chosen is equal to the first. (ie the wages are one penny regardless of how long we have laboured in the harvest fields of Coil #9)  A new arrival presents himself among the others without presumption, and is received without jealousy. If it is necessary for physical members to meet together, they find each other easily, by the recognition of the pattern of their COMMON SKY LADDER.

No mask is possible. Nothing can hide the characteristic qualities which distinguish those who have climbed the Sky Ladder, then to set up a domain in the mind-space they now occupy. All illusion is gone, and things appear in their true form. And everyone knows what is what.

No one member of the group can choose another; unanimous choice is required. Though not all men are chosen to attend the Invisible School, the "called" are magnetized to the light, or "chosen" as soon as they become fit for entrance.

Any man can look for the entrance, and any man who is within can teach another how to search. But only those who have fitted themselves properly can arrive within. Thus it is impossible to profane the Sanctuary, since admission is not formal but real.

Worldly intelligence has been seeking the steps to SKY LADDER trying to invade this Heavenly Sanctuary in vain. It is protected by a double dome and one can only enter naked, as one came. Serious  efforts of Political Intellect to penetrate and STEAL The Mystery of the Great Works has waged on Planet Earth for a full century: as the (-T) time tunnel of the UFO Mystery will illuminate. The KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH is indecipherable to the unripened psyche, which can see nothing of the interior world.

When a person is fit their name is written in the BOOK OF LIFE and they are linked to the "Golden Chain of Thoth-Hermes" to continue their journey into  7.7 SYNCHRONY OF DIMENSIONS. All life is now being magnetized towards this "Golden Chain," known as "Zuv" in the Mayan. SYNCHRONY completes the unwinding of the Spiral Staircase to the NEW EARTH (c.281588 W. Barton) as "The Snake of Eden" passes through Heaven's Gate into GENESIS II.

The ENTRY CHALLENGES match the knowledge of the age.  Each Gate requires the polished pearl of consciousness of each unique individual. Each one is responsible for ALL THAT HE/SHE KNOWS. Each Earth round is a whole new chess game, a greater choice of free choice attributes as greater power plays are involved. A man may find the entry to the staircase where he thought least likely, and at a point of which he knew nothing himself. To become fit should be the sole effort of him who seeks wisdom. There are many methods by which fitness is attained, for in this Holy Communion is the primitive storehouse of the Most Ancient and Original Sciences of the extra terrestrials who planted the seeds of the human race, together with the primitive mysteries also all knowledge.

There is no cosmic fitness finishing school finer than "I*AM INSTITUTE OF APPLIED METAPHYSICS." Here we built a unique and illuminated society in a democratic community in keeping with the Sacred Geometry of the KINGSHIP of THE ONE...

To be touched by THE MASTER who is waiting with an outstretched hand at the top of each SKY LADDER is to receive one's Crown of Life.  THE MASTER is absolutely in possession of the key to all mysteries. Together we formed a society which unites superior (Angelic) strength to its own human intelligence, and counts its members from more than one world. It is from this Society, the 13th Tribe of Levi,  whose members form the Republic of Genius, (Genesis II) speak on behalf of The Regent Mother of the World.

The first issue of Genesis II was published in May-June 1995. It was immediately deposited in CRYSTAL PYRAMID TRANSFORMER in N.Carolina. It describes the entrance to the time tunnel that completed the Wheel of the Sky Ladder at ET's "Christ on Earth" (Coe Hill) - "The Hill of The Lord" in religious philosophy.

The entrance to the "time tunnel" was right beside the lake, in a bed of reeds.  Sometimes on a cold starry night you could see the entrance to the hollow earth, glowing, and bubbles of light coming forth.  The further we went into the Valhalla time tunnel the brighter the road seemed to get. Historical characters became more alive as we went deeper into the biological mystery of men and gods, described elsewhere in the "Red Queen Hypothesis."

Man is en route from fission to fusion as a humane race, wheneveryone wakes up.  Many shows these days deal with stories of angels, who in a number of varieties and have extensive duties.  Such were the Valkyrie Angels who lifted us up to heaven in September 1973. Then, for an amazing decade, from 1973 - 1983, angels opened our hearts for service in Heaven on Earth here-now, In this way we joined the legions of the Lord of Light, and came to operate on Its wavelength,  DLC, Direct Light Current.

We helped wire a forward bridge into Genesis II, to bring Direct Light Current into the cave of the "Cosmic Egg" (Sephiroth). Hindsight is the only way to see in this dimension. We closed the gap between the inner vision and final manifestation of Genesis II.    Fellow Cosmic Mariners, who sail the celestial seas: In all the stories, of our "Adventures in Never-Never Land" there were never tales like the tales we have to tell, as at the end of our latest voyage, we exit from the illusion.  Now that so many Good Knights have overcome their Dark Beasts we are safely home in Genesis II.

Interdimensional portals are opening up all around the world at sacred sites. Other groups who were lifted up in this time frame, were also being processed by the Angels for a specific entry role into The Kingdom.  These groups later identified their "Star Ships" as being from the Pleaides, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion, Atlantis, and from the Ashtar Command. The Sphinx does not wait in vain.

Please understand that this story is about our Sky Ladder and our Time Tunnel. It does not pretend to be greater or lesser, than the story of others. But the secret of interdimensional portals had to be told.  It should be told by all of us who know the mystery of sacred sites.

During the decade 1973-1983, the 13th Tribe became integrated with beings from a higher dimension, including some mischievous Jinns. It was probably happening all over the world. What they did to us was beyond the wildest reaches of human imagination. We tried to tell others about it and were considered dangerously insane.

Yet this same mystery story must be told, for it is written in the "Hall of Riddles" of unsolved spiritual mysteries. The "Coe Hill Mystery" deepened as we came into synchrony with THE MOTHERBOARD which guides all the Star Ships. We could pick up Her messages on our short wave radio stations. The Valkyrie had set us up with six first class radio operators for mission support. The Officer in charge was a Viet Nam Veteran, Radio Technician, Chester Moore of Sandy Springs, Md., USA.

We were told to present these messages to the public in printed form, which we did.  Our members were attuned to inner radio's, and had been practising this art for years. Inner radio works once the noise to signal ratio changes. Try it!  Our next instruction was to print "Boarding Passes" to Genesis II.

This was Finity dancing with Infinity... The portals betweendimensions open in this wedding dance of Earth and Heaven; the Yin-Yang Era manifest. The Valkyrie gave fair warning of their intent, sent out on behalf of the United Nations over the University of the Air, by Chancellor F. Richard Schneider,  P.O.Box 20728, Portland, Oregon, 97220 USA.

The United Nations of Heaven and Earth, the "Spirit and the Bride" say come. Magic is not something you talk about, it is something you apply to everything you do.  Words can only supply a glimpse in the rear view mirror.

Getting here was not easy: Quite a challenge in fact. It took a lot of overcoming, but human curiosity about the EVENT HORIZON and what is beyond did it.  Monkey-girl has to go to the end of the god-thought. Monkey-man is enticed to discover what destiny lies around the next corner. The Crook and The Flail, play their part.

Over the ages, the common man has danced to the music of the Devil's Piper; pulling his load, harnessed to the evolutionary engine,  not daring to curse fate, until Earth's life energy is spent. Then the penny drops and monkey gets the picture. The invisible ruling Gods load inhibitors onto monkeys... to keep them hopping and divided up into cults, warring amongst themselves  till the job gets done.  During Earth's  formative period, man is locked into the "Hell of Many Gods."

The Valkyrie showed us how to break THE CURSE and come into the Age of Reason.  There is NO REASON for the old, self destructive world to exist. HELL is a world without reason.

So let us pay tribute to all the Planetary Lords and Elohim who have helped build the Sky Ladder. We have consumed all the marvellous nutrient in the cosmic egg, we have consumed the "Golden Apple (Yoke/Yolk) of the Gods."  Its like the Mythraic gem about the frog trapped in a sub human state stone until the Princess (Princess Gaia) comes along and kisses him. Likewise the Sleeping Beauty awakens ...

It is very romantic, dear Virgin Earth Brides, for the Lord of the Valkyrie says..."I Am the Spiritual Lord of the Galaxy, come to explore you to the very last drop. Now I shall consume you back into Myself, for I AM HEAVEN and my bride is EARTH. We are ONE YIN YANG UNIVERSE.

All human, subhuman and superhuman beings in the Universe are part of WE and WE are part of them. Yet WE-ONE are greater than the sum total of these parts. For I am also ME. Our "True Me" is the essence of all the very best us. It is the wine that runs through the body of the Elohim; the bread of life which savours of the unity of all things. It is synchrony with the Unified Field Force."

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