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Wolfgang list still continued

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What's new on the site

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NEW our Message board and CHAT room on the Exchange page

Hello, we have again made some changes and hope you like them. We have received many e-mails and want to thank all who wrote - please keep doing so . Yes, we have other things to do too, of course, but since we started it, we try to keep things here in line. However, it is done in spare time and totally unpaid despite the cost for having it here, so please support us with your contributions and also be patient - we work on it as much as possible.

We made more logos, a new background
and use a frame now with the music selector

Since midi-LOOPs is one of our family venues, please support us with having music on your pages too, the test downloads are free anyway, even a free promo frame - check it outmidi-LOOPs PROMO link

The new form page makes adding an URL or e-mail easier for everyone, to use it click on the appropriate image icon.

add URLThere are more Scherers in music and the arts - we know - for that and other venues we put up the link page , where all those Scherer activities can be posted and interconnected per URL link - it is however meant only as another piece of information on what the others are doing in the world wide Scherer family without any claim to completeness, acuracy, or whatsoever. ( that is a legal disclaimer )
Don't forget our local  SCHERER Family Page , it is still here too.

add e-mailOur e-mail list will be weeded, pruned and updated as we find the time to do it. Please send your updates they will eventually be posted. We also wait for the promised contributions to genealogy , ( family trees and Scherer locations - origins) we had many requests already, but not enough information.

Please check our guestbook and message board and use them for inquiries and answer if you have only a faintest idea ....!!! A little notification to "ALL" Scherers can also be posted there, so please come often read new entries and "sign in". Please use the message board for general infos or important searches and replies - it is accessed on the exchange page also see our guestbook for more connections

We made more logos - so it is easy to link us with one of them - please do so - let others find us - also a text line as link is fine too. The logo collection gives everyone a right size compressed GIF to link us, but we also appreciate text links - please spread the World Wide Scherers connection message world wide.

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