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Site history
as it happened

All started with the simple question : How many Wolfgang Scherer are there?    

children do homework - a family tree - they also try the internet for information and several pages of data are collected. For fun they post them as one page under our Scherer Family Site as a curiosity item, but then more and more e-mails continued to come in ........more data and  
the first inquiries, so we decided to continue........for all Scherers world wide.

January '97- Wolfgang list
under our Scherer Family page,
the first addition with the then 4 names found at that time online

February '97- first Scherer e-mail list
created from the search for the Wolfgang list
unsorted at first but then alphabetically sorted by first name.

March '97- World Wide Scherers Page
it came from the need to have a main page for the growing e-mail list
the e-mail list was separated in pages sorted by first letters of the alphabeth
collecting and sharing name related information was encouraged by many visitors

June '97- World Wide Scherers connection
moved the pages that had been growing steadily in a subweb site on the Scherer Family Page
at this time the new Guest book was installed to help handling the growing numbers of contacts,
but most visitors still preferred to send direct e-mail ignoring the new feature ( please - use it - )
also the e-mail listing by first names in pages was placed in a subweb and revised for the first time

December '97- World Wide Scherers connection - Web site
finally we decided to remake the site into a website in its own right, again extending pages & features.
We added pages for more information, communications, connections, new logos, however, it will be hosted as a new site on our Scherer URL for the next time to avoid the cost for separate hosting and registration or advertising taking half the screen all the time.

October '98 - Upgrade to a framed site
to save storage space and we hope all visitors have a frame capable browser now
this also allows us to utilize the web services of a chat room and message board
which extends the possibilities for visitors to the site.

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